When you're decorating your home you want to make it both comfortable and safe for you and your family. If you have any sort of pets living with you in your house then you will want to make it safe for them as well. There are many hazards that might be in your home that could be a problem for pets without you even knowing about them. Here are some of the most common hazards and some ways that you can eliminate the risks of your animals getting hurt or sick within your home.

The kitchen is the room in your home where there are the most potential hazards. You might know that chocolate can be dangerous to dogs but might not be aware of how many foods could actually be a potential problem. Coffee, yeast, grapes, tea, avocado, and more could also be harmful to pets who are looking around for something tasty to eat. This is why it's important to know what might be an issue and make sure that it is completely out of their reach. Behind cupboard doors on a higher shelf is the best place for these things.

Human foods that can harm your pets!

Cleaning products are another thing that you're going to want to keep far away from your pets. You might think that under the kitchen sink in your place is the perfect place for dishwasher soap or oven cleaner. But you never know when you're going to forget to close the door properly and your dog or cat might find their way inside. You might instead want to keep these things on a higher shelf or in a pantry where your pet cannot reach.

If your home has a yard than you are likely going to want to make that space as beautiful as possible. That might mean adding some pesticides or weed killers to your lawn or garden to keep away all those growths that you don't want there. Take the time to read the labels and speak with your garden expert to make sure that you're not buying anything that will be harmful to your pets. Even if you have an inside cat you don't want them getting sick if they happen to sneak outside.

Dogs and cats react to smell and most think that anything that smells good will taste good as well. Be conscious of the plants that you have around your condo or the air fresheners that you use around your place. There are some potpourris that can be dangerous and some flowers and plants that are poisonous. Always know what's harmful before you buy.

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