There is nothing more comforting than the companionship of a pet. For many, owning a pet can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you are busy with a family and career. For those who may not want the full time commitment of owning a pet, but are animal lovers, fostering may be an excellent alternative.

If you are planning to foster a pet, the first thing you must take into consideration is whether or not your property is suitable for the animal. If you are living in a downtown condominium, you may be limited as to what type and size of animal you can foster. Most often the animal rescue services need temporary homes for cats and dogs, and depending on location, it may be difficult to meet the animal's needs right downtown of a big city.

If you want to foster a dog, it is inevitable that you will need an area for the dog to exercise. Being cooped up in an apartment all day is not healthy, especially for larger dogs. An ideal area is close to many parks and walking paths. A residential area that is close enough to downtown to commute for work, yet far enough to have many green spaces for daily exercise. A park is a large area for dogs to run around and socialize without needing a leash.


Find an area area to live if you want to foster a dog that is surrounded by large green spaces where dogs are free to play and exercise. Living outside of the city is also beneficial because there are fewer hazards such as busy traffic. It would be a very upsetting situation if your foster animal accidentally escaped your home and was hit by oncoming traffic. In residential areas outside of the downtown core, this is less likely to happen. Houses in rural areas are also safe for outdoor cats, if you were interested in fostering a friendly feline.

Foster cats have fewer restrictions than dogs. Often they are content to stay indoors and could live happily in a loft or condo. They can be left alone for longer periods of time and as long as you leave them with food and water they can stay within the condo.

Fostering an animal is an extremely rewarding endeavor. It is ideal for people who are unable to fully commit to owning a pet because it provides them with temporary companionship. The first thing one must do before volunteering to foster is think about their living arrangements and assess whether it is suitable for an animal. They need lots of space, exercise and attention, which can be challenging if you live in a busy area.

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