When it comes to being a pet owner you probably already obey by a certain code of pet owner behaviour. The one that unofficially states you should clean up after your pet during a walk around your condos. The same code that sees you not leaving your dog outside, all alone, all night long, barking and howling and keeping the neighbours up all night. The definition of a bylaw.

Those are considerate things that all pet owners should do. They are also, depending on the city you live in, the law. There are local bylaws written specifically to enforce pet owners to take care of their pets. Some pet owners will buy a dog or cat and not really do much to take care of them. They'll just leave them all day long in their homes while they're at work. That's not really the sign of a great pet owner.

If you're a pet owner you should be aware of any local bylaws in your community regarding the owning of a pet. That way you will know whether or not you're following the letter of the law or breaking it. Most local bylaws pertaining to pets usually deal with walking your pets, keeping your pets on a leash and the owning of your pets. Most local bylaws when it comes to pets are pretty common sense but there are still some people who don't follow them. Don't be one of those people.

If the local bylaw in your town states you have to keep your pet on a leash while walking them down the street, then keep your pet on a leash. That bylaw is in place for the safety of those around you in your community. No one's saying that your dog is going to run off and start biting everyone in its path but keeping them on a leash ensures that from happening.

If you live in a condo building, then in addition to government bylaws you also need to be aware of the condo association bylaws as they pertain to pets. Their bylaws might state that pets aren't even allowed to be owned or they might have restrictions such as the type, size, or number of pets you're allowed to own. Make sure you know the bylaws before you do something that goes against them.

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