This page is presented to you by Easy House Loan, mortgage brokerage in Toronto. Pets are not ornaments that you can buy to adorn your condo and provide you with something cute to pat. They are real living creatures that have needs. One of these needs is exercise. Exercise is especially important for pets who live in apartments or condos, since there's not enough room to run around while you're away. Pets do a certain amount of self exercise in your absence, but they also need some help from you. Here are some ways to exercise some common pets you might have in your home.


Dogs cannot be kept in the house all day. They are happiest when let outside to run around, so you need to take them out at least once a day (on top of bathroom breaks) to run around. In the city, that means taking the dog to an off-leash dog park to play with other dogs, doing long-leash play in a regular park (such as fetching) or taking your dog for a run (not a walk) around the neighborhood.


Most people think cats just adorn the windowsills of homes all day and don't need an exercise, but that's not true. Cats need exercise too. If you've got a yard, you can let your cat out to explore on his own (as long as he's fixed). He'll come back when he's ready. Or if your cat is an indoor cat, take a piece of string, a ball of tinfoil, a laser pointer, or the plastic ring from a milk jug and play chase for at least 20 minutes or until the cat loses interest.


Rodents like hamsters, mice, and rats are the easiest types of pets to exercise. If you wish, you can take them out of their cages for a little while each day to stretch their legs and run all over your home. Or, if you're worried about hidden poop and finding them to put them back in the cage, you can buy them an exercise wheel for their cage that they can use whenever they want.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Larger caged animals need to be taken out of their cages periodically. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs will probably not fit in or be inclined to use an exercise wheel, so it's important to give them some exploration time each day - just not when your buddies are coming over.

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