Getting a pet can be a very rewarding and comforting experience. They are there for you in good times and bad and likely will provide you with many good times and memories. But, when you bring home a new kitten or puppy to your house, there are some things that you are going to want to do before setting them loose. It's like bringing home a child. You will want to make the place safe for them and not make too much extra trouble for you. Here are some tips that will help you pet proof your home.

The first thing you're going to want to do is make sure that all of the areas where you pet will be are safe for them. Make sure that they're not getting into roofs when bookcases could fall on them if they jump up or where they can get into a garbage and potential find something that's dangerous. When people are pet-proofing their home they commonly do it the same way that you would for a child who is just starting to walk. Look at all the dangers that are on ground level and close off areas with things like safety gates and childproof latches.

Next you're going to want to look for all of those hazards that won't hurt your animal but might make a big mess for you to clean up. People with pets living in their apartments usually don't have large potted plants on the ground and keep food and plates away from animal level. When you're living in a pet-free home you usually don't have to worry about what's left out on the counter or beside the couch. But a cat or dog will usually have that instinct to go after anything that smells tasty if they can get to it.

If you're concerned with your animal coming in dirty from outside or shedding all over the furniture than there are definitely some adjustments that you can make to help with clean-up. Make their entrance into your home somewhere with an easy to clean floor. You can also leave an old towel by the door to help you clean their paws before they go traipsing through your living room. You can also invest in slip covers that can be easily removed and cleaned for the couches and chairs that you dog or cat like to relax in most.

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