We all work hard to support our families, even if those families consist of just one pet. Sadly, this means that while we're off working to pay for our pet's food and veterinary care, our pets are left alone in our houses. Some pets cope well will being left along during the day and others do not. If you're coming home to find your furniture and clothes destroyed by an angry pet, it may be time to look into hiring a pet sitter.

A pet sitter is like a baby sitter - it's someone who will keep your pet company and look after it while you're away. Unlike babies, most pets don't need a caregiver if you just go out for an hour or two, or even all day, but it largely depends on the pet. Cats, generally speaking, are more self sufficient than dogs, and will sleep or play by themselves, allowing them to be left alone during workdays and only needing someone to look after them if you're going away for a few days or weeks.

Dogs are social animals and they need more care than cats. Some dogs are okay to be left alone during a workday if there is a doggy door or puppy pad left for them to do their business. However, other dogs will act out in their loneliness, making messes where they're not supposed to and chewing on your things. These are the type of dogs that need daily babysitters. Also, any pet with special needs, such as a diabetic cat or a dog recovering from kennel cough, should have a sitter in case something happens. (you can read more about kennel cough here)

There are many different ways pet sitting can be arranged. Many pet owners opt to deliver their dogs to a doggy day care program where they will be looked after in conjunction with other dogs. If you would like to speak to an owner/operator of a dog daycare business about what to expect, speak with Allie from Adelaide Barks. Some people drop their pets off with friends or relatives or have the sitter come and stay at the house. Often full-time care is not needed, and pet sitters can simply stop by and look in on the animal periodically to make sure it is all right.

Finding a reliable pet sitter can be tricky. You want someone who is trustworthy and reliable so you don't have to worry about them stealing from you or not showing up while you're away. Some pet sitters can be found in the phone book but often notices posted at community centers, vet clinics, and universities will net good results from people looking to supplement their income. Just be sure you check their references and meet the sitter in person before you hand over the leash.

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