People who don't own pets just don't understand: pets are a part of the family. Just like you would take your child to Trinity Family Dental Clinic, a Whitby Dentist, if he or she was having teeth problems, you give your pets whatever they need to stay happy and healthy. Here at Care Well (now Adopt An Animal), we salute responsible pet owners who recognize that the safety and well being of their animals is something that's worth paying for. If you're a pet owner, this website should provide you with plenty of resources for keeping your animals healthy, safe, and happy.

Like your grandmother always said: the important thing is your health. Pets need regular medical checkups just like people do, so it's important that your pet's information is on file at the vet in case of accident or illness, keep that in mind when you list your Burlington homes for sale and move. There are plenty of things, even inside your home, that can harm a pet. And as a preventative measure, make sure your animal has all its vaccinations, which will protect both it and other animals. We can give you advice on medical care and finding a vet you can trust.

Click here to find the first year puppy vaccination schedule.

A lot of people think that beyond basic vet visits, there's nothing to owning an animal. But that's not the case. You also need to make sure your home is equipped with everything your pet needs to be stimulated and fulfilled. This means basic care items like leashes, litter boxes, cages and food bowls as well as "extras" like toys and scratching posts and little tunnels for your hamster to run in. Pet stores are full to overflowing with pet accessories they claim you absolutely have to have, but we can teach you how to pick out what your pet really needs inside your home.

Even pets that spend all their time inside or around your condo can still get loose, so it's important to consider your pet's safety. You'll want your pet to be identifiable to others who may find it and to carry your contact information. You'll want to make sure your pet can't get into any dangerous substances that happen to be lying around, and you'll want to make sure it knows to be careful and respectful of other people and vehicles. We can give you training and accident prevention tips that can end up saving your pet's life. There are even some substances, which you must learn to identify, that aren't harmful to people but can kill your pet.

If you're just thinking about or have recently gotten a pet, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the things - carriers, vet bills, toys, training, etc. - that you have to cope with now, but with our help, your home can be a happy place where you and your pet live together. Statistically, pet owners have lower stress levels than non pet owners, and pet owners who know their stuff have the lowest stress levels of all. So let us help you learn about your pet and pet costs. We've got dozens of articles on topics from choosing vet to training tips.

Directory of Vets in Southern Ontario

Fairmont Animal Hospital
995 Hamilton Rd
London, Ontario, N5W 1A4
Phone: 519-453-2940
Our practice is devoted to the care and treatment of cats and dogs. Call or visit us today!

Lauzon Veterinary Hospital
1315 Lauzon Rd
Windsor, Ontario, N8S 3N2
Phone: 519-948-7727
Pet health news, resources, and veterinary clinic locator

South Sarnia Veterinary Services
1141 Confederation St
Sarnia, Ontario, N7S 3Y5
Phone: (519) 344-4444
We offer vaccinations, microchips and more for cats and dogs. Evening appointments available.

Pet Vet Eastside Hospital
111 Hwy 8
Stoney Creek, Ontario, L8G 1C1
Phone: 905-662-6719
Offering complete veterinary medical and surgical services for over 40 years.

Hartzel Animal Hospital
50 Hartzel Rd
St Catharines, Ontario, L2P 1M6
Phone: 905-685-7349
A full service veterinary hospital providing care for dogs and cats, with emphasis on preventative medicine.

Annex Animal Hospital
716 Bathurst St
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2R4
Phone: 416-537-3128
We have been providing top-quality pet health care and emergency vet services since 1978.

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